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Challenge. What’s the best ad in your portfolio?

UPDATE:  To the nice people who sent in some work as part of the challenge…my emailed crashed and I lost your submissions–sorry!  Please re-send? Ugh. Part of being a creative is having the guts to present something that you’ve created … Continue reading

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This is powerful marketing at work

UPDATE: MUST. BUY. WANT. WANT GET IT HERE As you can see below…The Rent is 2 Damn High Party has every hallmark of a great piece of marketing. That’s just science. GREAT NAME: Rent is 2 Damn High Party? Check. … Continue reading

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Suitable for framing! Or having stuffed and mounted on your wall!

I kid.  I kid, because I love. Seriously.  I really like it when ads are suitable for framing and I find the ‘limited edition’ parallel to be elegant.  I think they are done by WongDoody.  (Best/Worst name ever?)

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Don Draper has fucking class.

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I don’t shit on everything.

Like this.  It’s genius.  And for some reason the very idea makes me want to buy multiple items. awesome. Click here to check out.    

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Hauntingly awesome Star Wars Papercraft Jeremy Messersmith – Tatooine from Eric Power on Vimeo. CLICK THE LINK.  NOT THE PICTURE. This is so well done. I think it’s very personal and sweet and I can’t imagine it not appealing to a wide audience. The … Continue reading

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