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Hi, everybody! I’d like to introduce Simon Jennings, our new Group Creative Director for our NY office! He joins us from McCann Johannesburg after 18 years of crafting award-winning campaigns for Sony, MasterCard, and Lucozade Energy Drinks.  He’s done tons … Continue reading

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The 11 Racist Atticus Finch Moments in Chapter One of Go Set A Watchman.

    Went to a KKK meeting. (Page 12)   Brings donuts to KKK meeting. (Page 12)   Turns off The Jefferson’s mid-theme song. (Page 14)   Thinks it’s weird that “a Polack runs a Dim Sum Restaurant.” (Page 17) … Continue reading

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13 Questionable Things about the To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel.

    There are 32 references to drones patrolling Maycomb County, Alabama.   Jem has become a drag queen, donning a pink wig and touring the country with his band The Holograms, which is dubious since holographic technology was in … Continue reading

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More badvertising!

Okay, it’s an utterly forgettable piece of communication-and I can forgive them for that (Lord knows I’m guilty of that myself). But here the fault lies with the horrible Photoshop job they did inserting the tablet into the guy’s back … Continue reading

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Wow. Apparently people don’t like ads.

Here’s a clever bit of ad stuff that lets you remove those awful, nasty ads from Times Square, to (irony alert!) advertise an up-coming movie by Morgan Spurlock–that’s about how much everyone hates ads!  (Meta!)  I actually get a stomach … Continue reading

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THIS is how you redesign a logo!

Congratz to Mike Peck, good friend and Senior Design Manager for Starbucks.  He took their fancy schmancy old Siren and stripped her down and hosed her off and cleaned her up (stylistically speaking).  She’s sleek, she’s modern, and most importantly, … Continue reading

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