The 11 Racist Atticus Finch Moments in Chapter One of Go Set A Watchman.



  • Went to a KKK meeting. (Page 12)


  • Brings donuts to KKK meeting. (Page 12)


  • Turns off The Jefferson’s mid-theme song. (Page 14)


  • Thinks it’s weird that “a Polack runs a Dim Sum Restaurant.” (Page 17)


  • Recommends accountant Sydney Bloom to a friend with a knowing wink. (Page 18)


  • Tells his African American nurse during a sponge bath that white privilege doesn’t exist during a sponge bath. (Page 23)


  • Buys Aunt Jemima brand maple syrup. (Page 3)


  • Refuses to admit he knows what NAACP stands for. (Page 34)


  • Calls Boo Radley a “papist”. (Page 29)


  • Admits he threw the Tom Robinson trial on purpose. (Page 9)


  • Votes for Trump. (Page 41)





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