13 Questionable Things about the To Kill A Mockingbird Sequel.



There are 32 references to drones patrolling Maycomb County, Alabama.


Jem has become a drag queen, donning a pink wig and touring the country with his band The Holograms, which is dubious since holographic technology was in its infancy and not widely known.


Boo Radley takes the Bronze for shot put at the Special Olympics in 1962. A full six years before the organization existed.


Twenty years later the price to bust up a chiffarobe is still 5 cents.


Dill grows up and changes his name to Steven King and pioneers a new genre of gay-horror fiction.


There’s a passage where Scout reads Tales of The Black Freighter.


Atticus, now elderly, gets shot to death by a futuristic were-dog with rabies, completing an ironic circle.


Chapter 8 is a 14-page list of obscenities.


For some reason, the now-adult Scout still dresses up as a paper mache ham. No explanation is given.


The Hardcover Edition features a cover blurb from E.L. James that reads, “Full of intrigue, emotion, and explicit sexuality, no one tells you how to use design to build long lasting customer relationships than Harper Lee in Go Set A Watchman”


The knot-hole in the tree is revealed to be a wormhole which connects to a parallel universe which is identical to Scout’s save for two details: the people there hate gum and cats can ride horses.


Despite her haircut, Scout is not a lesbian; she is in a loving, committed relationship with a fitness instructor named Gary.


Not one reference to racism.



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