More BADvertising

This is a classic bad ad, that has actually been REMADE.  Why, I have no idea because no big changes were made to it other than replacing the bad actors with different bad actors.

Here are the things about this ad that warm my heart.

1)  The woman makes a call from a REPAIR SHOP.  We know this because she says, “Enterprise?  I’m at the REPAIR SHOP.”  Then, in case you didn’t get it, she’s under the worlds most uninteresting sign that screams REPAIR SHOP.  Apparently, the shop owners have no creativity whatsoever when it came to naming their business.

2) The creepy expression for the Enterprise Rep/Serial Rapist.

This is the face I make when I wear my 'skin-suit'

3)  The unexplained unwrapping of the car from brown paper.  Obviously, a hold-over from an older campaign that senior management wants to keep.

4) The awesome tagline:  “We’ll pick you up!”

See the awesomemess in it’s entirety!


And yes, I have made commercials like this.

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2 Responses to More BADvertising


    my god i made in my pants.

  2. Chase says:

    This generally happens with the corporate marketing department presidents/managers – who remind the ad agency that they are the ones paying the money, get to involved and think they know what the public needs. After they are the marketing department!

    I could name several companies that push their agencies around and churn out this mess.

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