McRib conundrum

McDonald’s is rolling out the McRib nationally.  Yep.  You’ll be able to get it ANYWHERE.  Now, as a person-0f-girth, I loves me my McRibs.  And I do get a sense of giddy delight in my belly whenever I stumble across one.

But, let’s face it.  It’s just a shitty pressed ‘meat’ sandwich.  It’s the fact that I can’t have it all the time that makes it so good.  So while McDonald’s is making it available nationwide –it’s ONLY for a limited time, so technically, it’s still rare.

But that sense of wonder and the universe coming into perfect harmony as you found yourself in the RIGHT town at the RIGHT time for the precious McRib experience is somehow lessened.  And that’s not good McD’s.  For some reason, you got lucky with this product catching your customers imagination.  Don’t leverage it into oblivion. Now gimme a friggin’ McRib.


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