I call Bullshit

I saw this tweeted by the Hey, We’re Cooler Than You people of Creativity Magazine.  I, if you haven’t figured it out, am an extremely skeptical person.  I recycle diligently, but every Wednesday as I set out the bright blue bin with my empties, a dark thought passes through my head like a cloud:  “They don’t recycle these.  It’s bullshit.  All this ‘green’ shit is a fool’s errand. etc…”

So when the video starts and I read the words “We Need A Better Cleaner in a Smarter Bottle.”, I cringe.  Says who?  You? See?  Skeptic!

But then a compelling argument is made about how most cleaners we buy are mostly water and come in a plastic bottle that ends up in a landfill.  So the minds at Replenish come up with…a new REUSABLE BOTTLE…awesome? no?  Well, not really, because their bottle is part of a TWO PART system that relies on a snap off bottom that contains a liquid concentrate that makes the equivalent of 4 bottles of cleaner when you mix it with tap water you get out of your own faucet.

But this is where I call bullshit.  The concentrate comes in a… plastic container/pod!  Sort of negating the whole point.  Right?  They don’t have a problem with you buying plastic bottles.  They just want you to buy their plastic bottle or pods or whatever…

Couldn’t you sell the concentrate in little bi0-degradable single serve packs made out of paper (similar to a ketchup packet) and ask people to use one of the thousands of bottles they have under their kitchen sink already?  That seems greener to me.  That’s my two cents.

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