Remember My Bodyguard?

Remember this movie?  The small defenseless kid (go-to-70’s-movie-child-actor Chris Makepeace) keeps getting his face pushed in by sociopath-in-training-with-awesome-name: ‘Moody” (Matt Dillion’s best role to date). So he goes and does what any smart little nerd would do.  He hires a psychopath (Adam Baldwin) to protect him from the sociopath.

Got that?

Now read the above paragraph but substitute “Microsoft’s Bing” for “Chris Makepeace”.  “Google” with “Moody/Matt Dillion” and “Facebook” with “Adam Baldwin” and you have some idea of Microsofts long term plan to keep Google from giving them atomic wedgies in the figurative cafeteria that is the war of the Search Engines.

Personally, I am rooting for Moody.  He is such a bad-ass.  Note the hair.

Click here for deets.

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