Is it really that great?

I’ll start by saying this:  Banksy is a genius.  I am not fit to be in the same room as him, let alone universe.  Such is my respect for the man.

So when I opened Facebook and saw the multiple Banksy/Simpson posts I clicked with glee awaiting some awesomeness.  And I’m not sure I got it.

Let’s review:

We open with the standard tour of Springfield…only to see that Banksy has tagged the hell out of it.  Okay.  I get it–he’s a graffiti artist–check.

Bart has his chalkboard moment– he writes “I will not write on walls”–on the walls.  Another graffiti gag.  Ok.

Then the couch gag and then–things get dark!  YES!  This is it!  This is where the awesome happens:  But it just never comes.

The sequence turns into one long joke about 20th Century Fox exploiting child labor to make Simpson’s merchandise.  Some of the gags are funny; like the guy using a dolphin’s tongue to seal all the packages and the chained unicorn being used to poke holes in DVDs.

It’s funny but my problem is that I think it is a joke that the Simpsons has made before. (Although not to this degree.)  An argument can be made that every Krusty The Klown reference to shoddy KRUSTY toys and his ridiculous licensed products is a jab at the Simpsons money-making machine itself.  They have been making those jokes for YEARS.

So does Banksy’s opening break any new ground?  If so, I don’t see it.  The only thing that is different is that the joke is less subtle.  Hitting you over the head, rather than slipping under your radar.  It’s a little manipulative as if the whole point was to get you to say, “I can’t believe they let him do that!”  And if that’s the point, what’s the big deal since (in my view) they have been “doing that” (making fun of Fox/themselves/merchandising) since the beginning.

Maybe I’m wrong.  But I expected more.  Thoughts?

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