I like when brands…

embrace the weird.  I’m noticing more and more candy companies doing this.  I guess they feel comfortable with the weirdness since they are talking to “young people”–this demo is a brand manager’s free pass to approve weird ads.

But my hat is off to BK.  Burger King is currently running at the head of the pack with this.  Their CORPORATE MASCOT is CREEPY.  I’ll repeat.  The embodiment of their brand is kinda CREEPY.  And I for one, love them for it.  Unlike a candy company (Skittles) Burger King (I would think…) must cast a wider net–be a bit more family focused and so embracing this weird character is a HUGE DEAL.  They could have pulled the plug asap on him when the initial reports about customer’s reactions to him came out, and I’m sure it was discussed. But they didn’t.  They zigged, when 99% of clients would have zagged.  They embraced his creepiness and played with it.  And it certainly makes me like the brand more.

Especially when you get fun stuff like this INCREDIBLY CREEPY PILLOW.  Want.

Fill in the end of this sentence:  I like when brands ____________.  And let me know what you think is cool.


Wake up with the King. Then scream your fucking head off.

UPDATE:  BK embraces the creepy AGAIN (also the possibly homosexual!) this is BRAVE of them


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