Foursquare likes masterbating in movie theatres…


Okay, not true.  But after a tough week…two big service failures right on top of each other…foursquare is hoping that disgraced genius/masturbator PeeWee Herman can push its growth beyond its 3.6 million users (That’s it!!? I would have thought it was at least in the double digits).

How?  With a “PeeWeeParade”  Despite the cringe-worthy title–it actually sounds like fun.  Pee Wee runs all over NYC checking in places–throngs of bored and unemployed follow him on his travels to earn a special PeeWee Badge that will get them  a special prize from PeeWee once they check into the final destination which is–IRONY ALERT–a theatre.

I like PeeWee more than I like Foursquare–but I hope this is a successful promotion for everyone involved.

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3 Responses to Foursquare likes masterbating in movie theatres…

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  2. Ilanarose says:

    Back in the day, Dennis Crowley was the guy behind PacManhattan. Do you remember that? Dennis running around in a Pacman Suit while ghosts chased him. They all used their mobile phones to check in with an actual person who would tell them where to go. This was pre-location based software. So this sounds right in line with what he does best.

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