Killing Colonel Sanders.

There is a newish culinary trend that I’m sure you have heard about–gourmet food trucks.  Food trucks have shed their reputations as mobile greasy spoons and there are dozens of them who make it their mission to take gourmet food to the people, quite literally.

I recently learned that a colleague of mine, Yago Moravia and a guy who goes by the BEST NAME IN WORLD…drumroll…’Dante Fried Chicken’ have joined this culinary crusade and I think he’s got a great take on the whole shebang:  gourmet fried chicken.  Ok, that’s a huge over-simplification and does no justice to their efforts.  In truth, it’s more of a one of a kind Trans-Atlantic African Cuisine where every plate has hints of  Cajun and Caribbean spice, Latin and European influence, NYC, LA, Stockholm, London etc…all served from a truck.  They call their business Ride or Fry and they use whole, natural, sustainable and healthy products, and you can get pretty much anything vegetarian as well.

That’s right.  They make vegetarian fried chicken.

But the reason that I’m writing about Ride or Fry is this.  When Yego talked to me about the truck I asked him what his role was.  Was he the cook? Or a financial partner?  The driver?  His answer was that he was the Creative Director.  All of a sudden, I immediately began to think of the truck in a different way.  Suddenly, Yego lifted it in my mind from a cool side project born of a ‘hey-wouldn’t-it-be-cool-if-we-did-this’ idea to Phase One of a grander business enterprise.

When I looked into it further my suspicions were born out.  Ride or Fry seems to have sprung as a fully formed idea from the get go.  Cool logo?  Check.  Awesome Van?  Check.  Weirdo Artist/Chef with fantastic alter-ego persona?  Check.  Food to die for?  Check.    A celebrity following? Check.  (M.I.A. and Damon Dash are known to be fans.)

Throw on top of all this a robust online presence via, foursquare, twitter, facebook, etc.  You get the picture.  They seem to me to be poised for success.  Oh, and I LOVE their twitter handle:  @kfcrip.


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