Hercules The Unicorn Cow. Advertising’s Greatest Triumph?

A compelling headline makes passersby change their behavior

The family and I visited the The Eastern States Exposition also known as The Big E.  It’s your standard State Fair experience; deep fried foods, carny games, rides that endanger children’s lives manned by traveling nomads with questionable backgrounds–the usual.  It’s thoroughly old-fashioned and that’s it’s charm:  for every old couple enjoying the sights, sounds and coronary inducing foods, there was a hipster couple enjoying it, albeit it “ironically”.  But it occurred to me as I walked around the midway that I was immersed in an advertising wonderland.  Every where I looked I saw something that steered me off my intended course–Hercules The Unicorn Cow?  Hell yeah, I’ll pay 5 bucks to see that!–Amazing Knives that will change my life?  Sure, I’ll stand in a crowd to see JUST HOW AMAZING THEY ARE!–you get the idea.  The point I’m trying to make is that for all the technological advances that our industry touts as the latest thing to establish connections with consumers–things like iPhone apps, foursquare, groupon, etc…–sometimes simple things like an old fashioned hand painted sign or a fast talking ‘pitchman’ with a smooth well worn patter worked well enough to catch my attention and got me to open my wallet.  And yes, the knives are amazing.

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4 Responses to Hercules The Unicorn Cow. Advertising’s Greatest Triumph?

  1. craig says:

    you can’t have a post about a unicorn cow and not show a picture of a unicorn cow. but apparently you can.

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