More badvertising!

Okay, it’s an utterly forgettable piece of communication-and I can forgive them for that (Lord knows I’m guilty of that myself). But here the fault lies with the horrible Photoshop job they did inserting the tablet into the guy’s back pocket. Notice how the edge of the tablet actually goes beyond the seam of the pocket. Couldn’t they just have cast a Shaq-esque sized guy and shoved the thing in his huge-ass back pocket and shot it for real?

If a myopic, no artistic ability whatsoever, copywriter can notice this stuff—ANYONE CAN.

Also: LOVE the disclaimer.

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Wow. Apparently people don’t like ads.

Here’s a clever bit of ad stuff that lets you remove those awful, nasty ads from Times Square, to (irony alert!) advertise an up-coming movie by Morgan Spurlock–that’s about how much everyone hates ads!  (Meta!)  I actually get a stomach ache over this kind of stuff.  As much as I complain about the industry, I really do feel that on the whole MOST of us are decent hard-working people who want to put good, interesting, fun work out there.  We don’t really WANT to bitch up the air-ways with coupon deals and infomercials.  And we wouldn’t, if they didn’t work so damn good.  I should know.  I’m a mildly talented creative who knows good advertising when I see it and I own a Snuggie.

So, when I see people outside our industry, run it down and, by extention, the people in it (sorry, it’s true)– as intellectual-garbage-peddlers and eyesore-junkies and then USE advertising to promote their new “Isn’t advertising sleazy?” bit of cheekiness, I get a little miffed.

At the very least, if we do our jobs well–some products get sold and the factory gets to stay open for the people who work there.  Isn’t that worth something?  Not to mention stuff like the Pepsi Refresh campaign or the Unicef Tap Project.

So, Mr. Spurlock, (who, by the way, I actually like and admire) if you REALLY hate advertising, why don’t you release your movie without it?

Oh, yeah.

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THIS is how you redesign a logo!

Nailing it.  Logo-style.

Congratz to Mike Peck, good friend and Senior Design Manager for Starbucks.  He took their fancy schmancy old Siren and stripped her down and hosed her off and cleaned her up (stylistically speaking).  She’s sleek, she’s modern, and most importantly, she STILL screams STARBUCKS.  Mr. Schultz, in light of all the recent logo debacles, I think Mike did you a big solid.  Give him a raise.

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I hereby delcare this the winner of the first weekly “OH SNAP!” headline award

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More BADvertising

This is a classic bad ad, that has actually been REMADE.  Why, I have no idea because no big changes were made to it other than replacing the bad actors with different bad actors.

Here are the things about this ad that warm my heart.

1)  The woman makes a call from a REPAIR SHOP.  We know this because she says, “Enterprise?  I’m at the REPAIR SHOP.”  Then, in case you didn’t get it, she’s under the worlds most uninteresting sign that screams REPAIR SHOP.  Apparently, the shop owners have no creativity whatsoever when it came to naming their business.

2) The creepy expression for the Enterprise Rep/Serial Rapist.

This is the face I make when I wear my 'skin-suit'

3)  The unexplained unwrapping of the car from brown paper.  Obviously, a hold-over from an older campaign that senior management wants to keep.

4) The awesome tagline:  “We’ll pick you up!”

See the awesomemess in it’s entirety!


And yes, I have made commercials like this.

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Challenge. What’s the best ad in your portfolio?

UPDATE:  To the nice people who sent in some work as part of the challenge…my emailed crashed and I lost your submissions–sorry!  Please re-send? Ugh.

Part of being a creative is having the guts to present something that you’ve created and say, “Here, World!  I made this.  What do you think?”  It’s one of the hardest things to do and we have to constantly struggle against petty criticisms.

In that spirit, this is an open call for a civilized advertising community version of “Show me yours and I’ll show you mine”

Send the best ad in your portfolio (or just a favorite) to this address  I’ll post it for all the world dozens to see and to give respectful feedback.  Just to be fair, I’ll go first.   Here’s one of my favorites. (Click on number 3).

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